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Shown at Heinrich-Heine-University film festival

The Only living boy in New York is shown at the film festival of the Heinrich-Heine-University in Duesseldorf, Germany in November 2003

Article published in the "Rheinische Post", a major German newspaper

Heading: The first film festival of the Heinrich Heine University - Hurray! 30 short films of various origins from Reissholz (a neighborhood in Duesseldorf) to Jerusalem will be shown at this festival starting on Wednesday.

1st highlighted paragraph: The Director of the the film festival, Benjamin Lew Klon, "fell off his chair" when he found out that films were sent in from as far as London, New York and Jerusalem.

2nd highlighted paragraph: "The Only living boy in New York" by Raphael Katz from Jerusalem was inspired by a nightmare shortly after September 11th.

Rheinische Post Article about the Heinrich Heine University Film Festival Click to enlarge

Visit the film festival's website

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