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NGO Monitor Analysis (Vol. 1 No. 11) 4 August 2003

'Democide' Bombings
Summary: Medecins du Monde's report, Israeli and Palestinian Civilians, Victims of an Endless Conflict not only provides an in-depth analysis of the humanitarian dimensions of suicide bombings, it also seeks a new understanding of the phenomenon.
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Save the Children Fund's Eye to Eye Project
Summary: The 'Eye to Eye' project, an educational project launched to draw attention to the humanitarian issues of the millions of Palestinian refugees languishing in poverty in the West Bank, Gaza and many Arab states presents a highly misleading picture.
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Israeli goods produced in the Occupied Territories: The position of Oxfam, Belgium
Summary: Following pressure from NGO Monitor, Oxfam Belgium issued an apology for an offensive poster calling for a boycott of Israeli goods. A new call, however, has appeared on Oxfam Belgium's website with a similar message.
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The International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development
Summary: The International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development is a Montreal-based NGO dedicated to the advancement of the ideals set forth in the United Nations International Bill of Human Rights. In practice, this organization pursues a strong anti-Israel political agenda
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