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Archives - Previous Editions

In this Edition:
  • HRW Annual Report
  • Analysis of Canadian NGO - Alternatives
  • NGO Reaction to Recent Terror Attack
  • In this Edition:
  • Habitat International Coalition
  • Palestinian Children's NGOs
  • Palestinian NGOs Refuse to Condemn Terror
  • In this Edition:
  • NGO Monitor Response to Ambassador Chevellard
  • Ambassador Chevellard Responds to NGO Monitor Article on EU
  • In this Edition:
  • Political Humanitarianism
  • Congressional Investigation against Ford
  • NGO reaction to the Istanbul bombing
  • In this Edition:
  • Adalah&The Imapct of Legal NGOs
  • Christian Aid Produces Inaccurate Film
  • Ford-NIF New Partnership
  • In this Edition:
  • Betselem: The Ambiguous Boundary
  • NIF & Political Advocacy
  • Hrw & The Fence
  • In this Edition:
  • Latest Amnesty Report Grossly Unbalanced
  • Misuse of EU Funds
  • ISM - A False Legacy
  • In this Edition:
  • NGOs Condemn Israel for Citizenship
        Rules, Ignoring Context and Impact
  • NGO Monitor Correspondence with HRW
  • Exchange of Letters on NIF
        Transparency and Accountability
  • In this Edition:
  • 'Democide' Bombings
  • Save the Children Fund's Eye to Eye Project
  • The position of Oxfam, Belgium
  • International Centre for Human
        Rights & Democratic Development
  • In this Edition:
  • Ford Foundation's Activities in the Middle East
  • Palestine Children Welfare Fund
  • UN NGO Working Group styled "mini-Durban"
  • "Hamoked" 2002 Annual Report
  • In this Edition:
  • Human Rights NGOs Distort Israeli Policy
  • Amnesty International (AI) Report of 2003
  • Oxfam Belgium produces political poster
  • Humanitarian NGOs and terror links
  • In this Edition:
  • Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network
  • HRW: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
  • Shomrei Mishpat - Rabbis for Human Rights -
        broadens focus beyond Palestinian issue.
  • In this Edition:
  • UNICEF Funding Political Activities
  • NGOs Misuse the UNCHR, to Target Israel
  • AI and HRW criticize UN Commission on
        Human Rights for growing politicization
  • In this Edition:
  • Palestinian Affiliates of the ICJ
  • Amnesty calls for Washington to review
        US arms transfers to Israel
  • ISM found guilty of hiding Islamic Jihad Terrorist
  • In this Edition:
  • UNICEF Funding Political Activities
  • Human Rights Watch World (HRW) Report 2003
  • Israel Medical Association accuses PHR-Israel of
  • In this Edition:
  • Amnesty in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • The Galilee Society
  • HRW praises Belgian court
  • Virtual pilgrimage with Caritas
  • In this Edition:
  • Advocacy Project & Grassroots International
  • YMCA/YWCA Embark on Anti-Israel Campaign
  • The Canadian government & terrorism?
  • CPAP conference on Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing
  • In this Edition:
  • The Anti-Israel Agenda of MIFTAH
  • Caritas Internationalis
  • In this Edition:
  • PHR-I Color Pamphlet
  • 'Erased in a Moment: Suicide Bombing Attacks
        Against Israeli Civilians'
  • Police Discrimination against Arab Students?
  • Archive of Previous Editions
    Betselem: The Ambiguous Boundary
    Christian Aid Produces Inaccurate Film
    Correspondence with HRW
    Reference Guide to Human Rights NGOs
    Images from NGOs

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