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NGO Monitor Analysis (Vol. 2 No. 3) 23 October 2003

Adalah&Impact of Legal NGOs
Summary:Certain highly political NGOs 'dedicated to legal human rights' have been exploiting the ambiguities in international law in a continuous output of publications and legal opinions. One of the most active of the legal-based NGOs in the Arab-Israeli conflict is Adalah (Justice in Arabic), an Arab-run NGO based in Israel and heavily supported by the New Israel Fund.
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Christian Aid Produces Inaccurate Film
Summary:Despite Christian Aid's commitment to non-partisanship, its recent film claiming to depict the roots of Palestinian poverty is the latest in a series of highly ideological public statements that attack Israel. The film presents a highly inaccurate and slanted narrative that undermines the impact of the humanitarian projects Christian Aid funds for the Palestinian population.
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Ford-NIF New Partnership
Summary:The Ford Foundation has announced a $20 million peace and social justice fund in partnership with the New Israel Fund. Both organizations are already major players in the Middle East. NIF has awarded more than $120 million to 700 Israeli Jewish and Arab groups and Ford donates some $13m annually. Both have come under heavy criticism for funding highly political NGOs whose anti-Israeli agendas contradict their mission statements.
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